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The Bluesberries breathe new life into a classic song to celebrate the wonderful cricketing talent of Australian Marnus Labuschagne and raise funds for two important cricket charities.   

About the project

The charities

Chappell Foundation

Support our homeless youth

Steve Waugh Foundation

Enhance the lives of children and families affected by a rare disease

The lyrics

Labuschagne, Marnus Labuschagne

Thank you for all the runs, again 

Despite the debut duck near Bahrain 

Second Ashes test, 

Smith had to rest, 

You had them beat.

You were sweet


Labuschagne, Marnus Labuschagne

Please play those glory shots again,

I recall before you got the call 

How they tore us up

What a mess, 

I confess, 

That's not all 



We can’t pronounce your name

Cause’ Afrikaans is just beyond our game

But Marnus seems like it’s just going to stick

Now go pad up quick

Cause Warner’s out

Go stop the rout

Give it a clout


You helped us move on from Sandpapergate

Newlands seems like it’s a distant date

Now guide our tail to innings end 

Captain Cummins and co. 

Will have a go 

Our pace attack

Then hits the track



We can’t pronounce your name

LA   BA   SCUK   NEE  just doesn't sound the same

But Marnus seems like it’s going to stick

Now go and pad up quick

And hit the runs

You’ll make tons

Cause you’re the one

Labuschagne, Labuschagne, Labuschagne 

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